LuciEntry: A Lucid Dreaming Induction System

Lucid dreaming is a unique state of consciousness where one is aware of dreaming whilst asleep, which enables people to control their dream content. Lucid dreaming offers various mental and physical health benefits, such as entertainment, inspiration, and alleviating nightmares. However, lucid dreaming rarely occurs naturally, and lucid dream induction techniques take effort and time to practice.

We designed LuciEntry, a close-loop lucid dream induction system.

Our mobile app guides users through the preparation before sleep, priming them to a lucid state.

During sleep, the system monitors brain and eye activity with the headset. When a dream state is detected, LuciEntry automatically delivers external stimuli to increase the user’s self-awareness and induce lucid dreaming.

To help people induce lucid dreaming at home, we are developing a portable lucid dream induction system.


The production of the videos could not have been possible without the expertise of Mr. Aleksandar Joseski. We thank Karen Konkoly and Nathan Whitmore for their guidance on lucid dream induction strategies. We also thank the Exertion Games Lab for the feedback and conceptual support they contributed toward the project and the paper.